Successful development cooperation needs broad support, not only in the target countries, but also in Germany. You can support BORDA in two ways: by actively participating in the “Weltwärts” exchange programme or by one-time or regular donations. Even small amounts can make a huge difference!


The Weltwärts Programme


Since 2008, BORDA offers opportunities for youth up to the age of 28 to volunteer in the “Weltwärts” development programme sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). During their assignment abroad for 11 months, the volunteers are included in a local partner organisation and support a specific project. More than 100 volunteers have already completed their Weltwärts service in Asia, Africa, or Latin America with BORDA.

More information about Weltwärts with BORDA:




I worked in 2012/13 in Bangalore for CDD Society and BORDA to develop a new software to design questionnaires and capture data. During that time, I gained valuable experience in team coordination and intercultural competence. I felt like my job was meaningful and important, so I was very motivated. My best memories are the friends I had the fortune to meet in India.




In 2013 I supported the BORDA Indonesia team in decentralised waste management. I was particularly impressed by the enthusiasm of the community members who work with BORDA and local authorities to improve the living conditions in their communities.




From 2008 to 2009 I worked for BORDA in Lesotho, a small country encircled by South Africa. In cooperation with the local organisation TED, we built biogas plants for households so that they were able to use the gas for cooking. Especially nice was building these plants for public toilets and a home for disabled children. Here I could let my creativity run wild. Planning, building and developing solutions for themselves, and to look at the end in the bright eyes of children – priceless.




With Weltwärts in 2013, I spent 11 months in Indonesia. It was my ticket into water management at an international level. Supporting BORDA’s Research & Development team in Yogyakarta was my main task and always exciting.


BORDA stands up for poor people. Our international and local professionals foster capacity building through knowledge transfer, building decentralised treatment systems and biogas plants, and strengthening social, technical and institutional structures. Your donation supports our work on the ground.

We guarantee

  • that 100% of the donated funds will be used to support target groups and will not be used to finance our administrative structures.
  • the quality of project implementation through our professional expertise, and that assistance is coordinated by BORDA’s regional offices and implemented with long-term partner organisations.
  • that whenever BORDA employees participate in fundraising events, we will donate our time and expertise free of charge.


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Child-friendly school toilets

Child-friendly school toilets in India
– An example of the impact of donations:

In many countries, school toilets are in such a bad condition that they pose a health and safety risk for children. In particular, girls will stay away from school when school toilets are not safe. The project in the state school in Bangalore, India, is a good example of what can be achieved with 1,000 Euro: Thanks to private donations BORDA could:

  • Provide toilets, including water supply and wastewater drainage, and rebuild the doors and roofs.
  • Paint all of the walls and decorate them with pictures that explain the hygiene cycle and how to use the facilities in a proper way.
  • Cover stone pits with safe covers.


In addition, we could

  • Install new sinks, including all pipes, in a newly built wall.
  • Connect the water supply to the neighbouring preschool.

The inauguration of the new sanitation facilities included a comprehensive, child-friendly education programme for all students about hygiene, proper toilet use, and handwashing.

A subsequent visit found proper facilities that were kept in good condition and well-informed children. A great success!