Knowledge Transfer & Training

For a sustainable change of country structures, it is important to train professionals locally so they can take an active role in providing basic sanitation.

BORDA, in collaboration with local partners, provides training and further education for different target groups ranging from government and municipal officials to tradesworkers. This is achieved through BORDA’s own training centre, workshops, professional education, knowledge exchange, and hygiene and health trainings.

The trainers are usually local experts from BORDA’s partner organisations who share their knowledge and experience not only in their own country, but worldwide. The exchange between the different regions enhances the network and creates a global community of experts in decentralised basic services.

BORDA and the CDD Society are offer regular training on various aspects of basic sanitation at the Centre for Advanced Sanitation Solutions (CASS) in Bangalore, India. Participants are partner organisations of the BORDA network as well as government officials and engineers working in the private sector. In Tanzania, a similar  training centre is under construction.

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