To make neighbourhoods, towns and cities more liveable for all people and to protect the environment, BORDA provides integrated solutions in water, wastewater, waste and renewable energy. Together with the local population, the technical components and social measures are customised to meet the cultural, social and economic needs and context of the country. Central is collaborating with local partners and supporting participatory processes to involve all groups concerned in decision-making and long-term measures.

Knowledge Transfer & Training

Professionals are trained on the ground to ensure that structures are sustainably improved. Helping people help themselves.

Monitoring & Quality Management

Our quality management system ensures that project implementation standards are achieved.

Promoting Social & Political Processes

We walk together with local people and governments, so our work is long term and sustainable.

Research & Development

Growing cities are especially a challenge, which is why we work together with universities and research institutes on future-oriented concepts.

Special initiatives

The current world political situation needs special solutions. For instance, water treatment in refugee camps or tackling causes of population displacement through food security.


Recycling and reprocessing not only reduces pollution, it is also produces valuable compost that can be used as fertiliser.

Water, Wastewater & Sanitation Basic Services

With our solutions for water treatment, we give people access to basic sanitation. Access to water is a human right.